Fix path traversal/injection security bug. Thanks to Steven Frank at for...
[gemini-php] / gemini.class.php
2021-02-02 NeilFix path traversal/injection security bug. Thanks... master
2021-01-17 NeilApply patch from to address index...
2020-09-28 sevenRemove unused method
2020-09-28 sevenForce an index file to be appended to directory paths
2020-09-28 sevenTweak index functionality
2020-09-28 sevenFix bug with ignored domain/dir
2020-09-28 sevenAdd check for missing certificate file
2020-09-28 sevenFix bug when log file is missing before first run
2020-09-28 sevenClean up class and add logging and custom config
2020-09-27 sevenInitial commit