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Meeting Notes: Sun 17th March 2019

Hi all, here are some notes from the meetup today:

We went through making sure everybody had an Amazon EC2 instance they could access, then we installed mysql, created a database and user, then installed an admin tool, Adminer.

For anyone who hasn't got their instance setup, I have a video here that takes you through it (only the first 20 minutes or so are relevant, and remember to change your server location to Europe/London).

Here are the steps we took:

  • Install mysql-server (and php-mysql, php etc in case we didn’t have them already):

sudo apt install apache2 php php-mysql mysql-server

  • Connect to the database as the root (admin) user:

mysql -u root

  • Then, inside the mysql client, we created the database and created a user called ‘coding_username’, with the password ‘cheese’ and gave it access to the newly created ‘coding’ database:

create database coding; grant all on coding.* to coding_username@localhost identified by ‘cheese’; quit

  • Then we downloaded the Adminer software ( using the command line downloader on the Amazon instance:


  • Then copied the file we downloaded to the web directory:

sudo cp adminer-4.7.1-en.php /var/www/html

  • Now we could access the Adminer program at http://your public amazon EC ip/adminer-4.7.1-en.php

That’s about as far as we got, but it’s a good base for future projects.

This was the game link I mentioned that helps you learn how to the use the command line/bash: Over The Wire War Games


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