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Meeting Notes: Sat 23rd Feb 2019

Main purpose of the meeting was to try and establish a project to work on and a format for the meetings going forward. Still very much in their infancy and this will likely change, but for now the basic premise is that we will work together on a larger project at any one time with the experienced guys showing the newbies around how to do things.

Alongside this there will also be space for discussion of personal projects, a sharing of knowledge and experience and a large chunk of socialising for those who want it.

Project Ideas

Previously posted on Meetup for suggestions by Neil and subsequently Donald, Glasgow has its own site for ideas Open Glasgow which might offer some direction.

Ross - Some form of cashflow modelling system to allow financial forecasting. Background in the industry so good understanding of the calculations and workings but absolutely no idea how to create this and present it. []Voyant is a great example but very much aimed at advisers, this could be recreated open source with a more people friendly approach.

Kevin - A way to track the timings of running events effectively without the high costs involved with GPS based systems. Initial thoughts were to use something around QR codes and smartphone cameras here.

Darren - 'Tinder for Contractors'. The idea of a site that allows contractors to promote skills and availability whilst companies can request the specifics for the roles they need filled or subsequently a team for a project. Ideally reducing involvement of an agent to reduce fees and also to put both buyer and seller in a position where they can see what is happening rather than being left in the dark. Suggested that an algorithm for this would be something similar to Tinder / Monster that could suggest relevant candidates.

Donald - Looking at Edinburgh's 'Code for Good' (unable to find link at time of writing). However this was moved timewise to use it to get ideas, may be something to consider in the future?


*Neil* - Share link to screencast to set up Amazon Web Spaces for us. Also offered to do an in person session for anyone who was struggling.

updated Its here - Neil's Screencast

*Ross* - Create Dropbox folder for sharing data from meets such as this. Update the notes from this meet and also last.

*Ash* - Organise venue and Meetup for Sat 2/3/19, 2pm - 4pm. Agreed we are all happy to chip in a couple of pounds for the facility of the room we had today when required but equally can use a cafe etc when that type of environment is sufficient.

Look at the use of IRC client, Neil shared a link to one already IRC channel. channel: #coding

*All* - continue to come up with any further projects that you feel we could work on or things we could solve.

By next meet, be in a position to have a command prompt ready to go whether it's on the Amazon service, Mac or Linux. Suggested that the use of Windows adds a layer of complexity.

An alternative to using Amazon Web Spaces if preferable would be the use of VirtualBox download this and then a distribution of Linux to your preference. Suggested ones are Mint as it is closest to Windows for familiarity or alternatively Ubuntu.

The benefit to a virtual machine is that if anything goes wrong the machine can be deleted and start again without loss of main system. It's an OS within an OS.

Message Ross through Meetup app with email address and get access to the dropbox area.

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