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Meeting Notes: Tue 11th June 2019

Welcome! This is the notes page for our first learn-to-code-from-scratch meeting in The Avalon Bar. The plan is to run something like this every two weeks to get people up and running with basic web development and system admin.

Next meeting is Tue 25th June 2019.

See the Getting Started page for some step-by-step instructions you might need tonight.

Scratch Space

I'll use this area for temporary notes we can all access - you can view the history here.

Enter this:

sudo chown ubuntu:ubuntu /var/www/html/
cd /var/www/html/
mv index.html old.html

This is just an example of a tiny PHP program (don't enter it directly):

echo "Hello, world!";

Enter this (which'll dump the above code into a file called 'test.php':

echo "<?php echo 'Hello, world!'; ?>" > test.php


Staying in touch

  • Create an account on and follow us to keep in touch.
  • Use the hashtag #coding on the Fediverse (recommended mobile Mastodon client – Android: Tusky, iOS: Amaroq)
  • Talk to us on IRC in #coding (recommended Windows/Linux IRC client: Hexchat)


  1. ali Baird
  2. Allan Mullen
  3. Ashir (Organiser)
  4. Benami Ark
  5. Bruce
  6. Ed
  7. Eleanor Casson
  8. Gareth King
  9. Heidi
  10. MaryF
  11. Michael Clouting
  12. Nathan Gostelow
  13. Nazanm Bo
  14. Neil McKillop (Event Organiser)
  15. Neil Wylie
  16. Nila Sekar
  17. Rachel Louise
  18. Ross M (Assistant Organiser)
  19. Shum
  20. Shweta
  21. Victoria B
  22. Yasmin
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