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 +====== Meeting Notes: Tue 15th October 2019 (Level 0) ======
 +Welcome! ​ This is the notes page for our set-up-an-Ubuntu-web-server-and-learn-to-code-from-scratch meeting in The Avalon, Kent Road.  The plan is to run something like this every month to get people up and running with basic web development and system admin.
 +===== What we'll do =====
 +This meeting is geared more towards complete beginners ([[Lesson levels|Level 0]]), so we'll aim to teach:
 +  - How to set up an Amazon EC2 instance (a free private server you can start developing on)
 +  - How to securely access your server
 +  - Install a webserver and database on your server
 +  - Install a GUI tool for administering your database
 +  - How to upload and edit files on your webserver
 +  - How to create a basic "Hello world" program
 +  - If there'​s time, some basic form and and database work
 +Whatever your level - you are very welcome to come along. ​ We'll find some time to answer questions and if you are able to help newcomers with any issues they might have, all the better! ​ That said, depending on your experience you might get more out of higher level meeting (Level 1+) - it's up to you.
 +===== What you'll need =====
 +  - A laptop
 +  - An account on AWS (visit Amazon Web Services and create an account https://​​ You will have to put credit card details in, but you won't be charged for your first year). ​ This is optional but might save some time on the night.
 +===== Getting Started =====
 +See the [[Getting Started]] page for the list of instructions we'll work through to complete the objectives above.
 +===== Extra work =====
 +Done the [[Getting Started]] tasks above? ​ Try one of these:
 +  * **[[Mobile Home Page]]** ​ Create your own home page for your mobile device. ​ This mini project is ideal if you need some more experience with HTML (and it shows some basic PHP code examples too).
 +  * **[[The Quiz App]]** This project is bit more advanced, take a look and see if you can work through the first few steps to get it up and running.
 +===== Troubleshooting =====
 +See the [[Troubleshooting]] page if you run into any problems following along with the [[Getting Started]] instructions,​ or just let me know and I'll try to help!
 +===== Attendees =====
 +An opportunity to make some new friends with common interests! ​ Follow us on the Fediverse at https://​​tags/​coding (create an account on https://​ or on any Fediverse connected site) so you can keep in touch with everyone you meet tonight. ​ Let me know if you want to share your Fediverse address so I can add the details below.
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