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There is a MUD running on port 2860. Partly to re-live the 80s and partly as an experiment with linking it to a VR world.

Come join! There is a web interface at

Creating objects

You can create any object using the @create command, for example:

@create a comfortable leather armchair

The object will now be in your inventory. You can view your inventory by typing i. If you wanted to leave it for others to find you'd have to drop it, like so:

drop a comfortable leather armchair

If someone stops to look at it, they won't learn much more than it's name. You can embellish this description using the @desc command:

@desc a comfortable leather armchair = a brown leather armchair that looks a little worn, but very comfortable

The system already tries to save you some typing, so you could shorten 'a comfortable leather armchair' to any of the words you used in the name, e.g. look armchair would refer to the same item.

Creating Rooms/Areas

Unless I've already given you the right access level, you'll only be able to create seperate areas (and I can link them into the main world).

To create an area, you use the @dig command. Here is a basic example:

@dig My House

You've now created an area called My House. It'll inform you that this is now room #123 for example.

You can teleport there and look around:

@teleport #123

You won't see anything if you haven't added a description. Do that now:

@desc here = You are standing in a room with plush red carpets.

Now you are in a room with plush red carpets, but no exits! Create a new room, but this time, since you are now in a room you own (My House), you can use the dig command to specify how to link the rooms together.

@dig Watchtower = Ladder,Firepole

This creates a new room (area) called Watchtower which you can access from My House by trying the name of the exit ladder. When you are in the Watchtower you can return to My House by typing the name of the exit; firepole.

You can rename an exit (when you are in the room with it) by using the @name command:

@name ladder = stairs

You can add more description to any exit using the @desc command:

@desc stairs = these steep stone steps are worn from use

Then you can use the look stairs command to inspect the stairs and see the extra information.

We can create another room now:

@dig Toilet = West, East

Now we can navigate to the toilet by typing[moving] West and return using East. We could add shortcuts to the navigation commands by listing them separated by semi-colons, like this:

@dig Toilet = West;w, East;e

Now we can move to and from the toilet using just the keys W and E.

If we know the room ID (@examine when in a room) we can create more exits if desired using the @open command. If we're in the bathroom (room #123), here is how we'd create a magic mirror that takes us back to the plush red carpeted room:

@open Magic mirror = #123

Then typing magic mirror or even just mirror would take us to that room.

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