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Meeting Notes: Tue 27th August 2019 (Level 1)

Welcome! This is the notes page for our sixth learn-to-code-from-scratch meeting in The Avalon, Kent Road. The plan is to run something like this every two weeks to get people up and running with basic web development and system admin.

What we'll do

This meeting is geared towards beginner programmers in PHP (Level 1). We'll take a look at some example code and help you get it running on your server.

Then we'll try to go through the code, explain how it works and how to modify it - the plan is to learn more by experimenting and having the group's collective knowledge guide the lesson on the night.

Feel free to bring any questions you might have about your own projects etc and we'll work through them or try to answer.

Some projects we'll take a look at (either try to get this running yourself before you arrive, or create it on the night):

What you'll need

  1. A laptop
  2. Your Amazon AWS EC2 server details (see Getting Started). If you don't already have this, please create one using the guide, or come to a Level 0 meetup for help getting set up.
  3. Knowledge of how to connect to your sever to run commands (using PuTTY or ssh)
  4. Knowledge of how to upload/edit files on your server (using Notepad++ or any other method)
  5. Optional: one of the above projects copie on to your server


An opportunity to make some new friends with common interests! Create an account on so you can keep in touch with everyone you meet tonight. Let me know who you are so I can add the details below.

  1. Chris Cavani
  2. Gloriya
  3. Ljupcho
  4. Neil Wylie
  5. Ruta Gor

Signed up, but didn't attend

  1. Aras Sulaiman
  2. rorie hood
  3. Tapan Parida
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